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Earn $50 USD and be reimbursed for your Yoga Strap purchase.

365 Active have developed a versatile exercise strap, as a travel-friendly solution to complement every workout. The 365 exercise strap is perfect for resistance training and aiding flexibility. While being compact enough to roll away into your gym or travel bag happily.

365 Active is partnering with the WildTribe community to help increase awareness on social media and create a collection of high-quality photos for them to share across their own social channels.

Product Available: 365 Exercise Strap

assignment tasks

  • 1 Amazon review

  • 1 x Instagram story video with your new exercise strap and tagging @365_active

  • 2 x Instagram post introducing and talking about your new exercise strap and tagging @365_active

  • 5 x high-quality product images that they can use across social media


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Member requirements

  • Based in the USA

  • 2500+ Followers

  • Fitness, Yoga, Travel.


Deadline: 4 TO 6 weeks from signing up

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