Pro assignment

Commission: £195 + gear

Annapurna Apparel is connecting with the WildTribe community to launch an assignment focused on generating inspiring content and authentic awareness. This professional assignment comes with clear guidance below on the type of images to capture, so we ensure some level of creative consistency from each member, and also the general pursuits and terrain to photograph content within.

WHo are annapurna apparel?

Annapurna Apparel is an environmentally conscious outdoor clothing brand focused on building the best garments for outdoor athletes. Their clothes are designed and produced by 100% ethical and fair trade practices, and they use 96% reusable water during their production process. With Polartec credentials, their base and mid layers have strong wicking capabilities and are highly breathable making them equipped to handle any environment.

Photography style guide

As an outdoors brand they are naturally looking for authentic content with a dynamic and adventurous tone. We would like to ensure you capture the content of the garments being used in real outdoors situations, while hiking, climbing, mountaineering, trail running or camping for example. You can take in a stunning moment from a viewpoint, but also capture the active pursuit of reaching this viewpoint. For Annapurna, it is all about the storytelling of using their garment in an active pursuit and preferably in mountainous terrain.

Types of Shots (examples below):
1) Close-up, ensure to show the brand name and pattern of the garment clearly
2) Full context, clearly showing the environment and the action of the person in the image

Trail running examples

product examples

Hiking & camping examples



  • Create 10x images for use across social, web, print

  • 3x small video clips for Annapurna to share on IG stories

  • 1x carousel/multi image type awareness post on Instagram / Facebook
    (ensuring to tag @Annapurna_apparel)

  • Post 1 awareness story across Instagram / Facebook
    (ensuring to tag @Annapurna_apparel)

Member requirements

  • Professional level photography (please apply and we will check to confirm)

  • Based in the USA

  • Access to the mountainous terrain

  • 5000+ followers on Instagram (if you don't reach this level, but are close, please apply)

Request to join the assignment