WILDTRIBE - The story so far


Outdoor wanderers are everywhere, you pass them day in day out, each with a different journey but with a common cause. WildTribe is bringing together these wanderers into a diversified community of surfers, hikers, snowboarders, skiers, climbers, MTB and more to represent as Ambassadors of the Outdoors.

The community launched little over two months ago, although our timeline is short we have made some great initial strides. To this day we have just over 100 tribe members, located all around the world in farer flung places than you might imagine and covering across a wide array of pursuits. Our tribe grows each day and we look forward to inviting many new faces in the coming months.

On our travels so far I have noticed how many unsung heroes there are in the world, we want to tell your story across our blogs. Each day we are blown away by the incredible feats being achieved and expeditions planned to conquer.

Among our ranks are two olympians, a professional slackliner, a world record holder, mountaineering heroes, national team surfers, and explorers the world over.


We want to give something back to the free-spirited outdoor community. You travel the world building memories and sharing adventures across social media. We want to connect those adventures with outdoor brands, providing you some great gear to continue being the ambassadors you are. Whilst helping to spread the word about some cool brands. It seems simple, the most powerful things usually are. 

We see the WildTribe community offering so much more, but let’s start small and see where this journey takes us.

Watch this space:

  • WILDTRIBE Ambassador Stories
  • WILDTRIBE Full branding and new logo
  • First boxes of gear from clients
Charlotte Durling