WildTribe - tribal mark launched

'the fire is burning and the journey has begun'


The WildTribe design team has been working hard in the background, gaining inspiration, researching philosophies, connotations, tribal art, to create a tribal mark that incorporates the essence of adventure, exploration, community and more.


We started our journey looking into using the W in WildTribe as a representation of mountains, a key symbol of the outdoors. We soon found that there are many company logo's using the theme and all were boutique, fashionable and modern. Our aim was to create a timeless logo, not a fashion statement, but a mark to represent our community.


The design team moved toward the tribal connotations, researching tribes from around the world, African, Aboriginal, South American and even Inuit tribes to asses the spiritual elements of these communities. We discovered how these humans were brought together, celebrating great events with huge fires as their centre piece, wearing masks to signify different spirits, seasons or gods. 


Our crew warmed to the tribal mask. Human, animal, wild and adventurous spirits could be expressed in our logo on the mask. Once the concept was locked the flow of imagination ran wild. Revision after revision, more research, sketching.


We wanted to share the journey with you all and hope you can feel the good vibes we have put into the tribal mark. 

Watch this space:

  • Further branding and member info packs
  • Online member portal (the name is open to suggestions)
  • Our first client confirmed - gear on route soon
Charlotte Durling