WildTribe teams up with Trail Quest

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Trail Quest was launched back in 2014 by a team of professional MTB riders from Mexico.

Alvaro and his team have spent years travelling the world, slaying downhill trails and mountain passes. Now they have put all of their MTB knowledge together to launch a unique adventure company ‘Trail Quest’.

They provide a gateway for MTB enthusiasts from around the world to experience the life of a pro rider adventuring off the beaten track on 3 to 10 day expeditions around Peru or Mexico.

MTB Adventure Mascota - Mexico

Mascota is an authentic town from the 16th century, quaintly situated in a valley overwhelmed by huge mountains rising up to over 5,000ft. Less than 2 hours down the road is the tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta. The region is unspoiled, rustic and earthly bringing you a real-world expedition adventure from the mountains of Mexico. Trail Quest team will take you around the mountain trails, some head down old volcanoes, weave through old villages and down paths carved for miners hundreds of years ago.

Join Trail Quest on a MTB bike odyssey for a taste of Mexican culture, and riding through the towns of Sierra Madre. The trip is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking to broaden their horizons and explore new adventures.


All-Mountain Inca Adventure - Peru

Peru offers some of the most unique single track rides in the world. Join the Trail Quest crew and experience the Peruvian culture first hand with their local knowledge and international guides.

Ride along ancient Incan trails, through mountain communities, farmlands and over 130 miles of Peru’s best single tracks. 60,000ft of descents, secret alleyway trails through Peruvian towns and down into the ‘Sacred Valley of the Incas’.


Find out more about these incredible adventures that YOU could be a part of on the Trail Quest website:

Photos from: Nicolas Switalsk

Charlotte Durling