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WildTribe teams up with Cicerone

As the WildTribe community aligns the stars for summer adventures in the northern hemisphere and winter hikes down-under, what better collaboration for our community than Cicerone guidebooks to help you navigate those winding trails. Cicerone have 40 years of heritage in mapping the details of worlds best trails for walkers, trekkers, mountaineers and cyclists. Now with 350 guides created by some of the leading experts in their region, Cicerone have chosen to team-up with WildTribe to help spread the word about these fantastic guides throughout the outdoor community.

WildTribe aims to help spread inspiration for the outdoors, and guidebooks are essential to this ethos. Knowing a safe route, an enjoyable trail, excellent viewpoint or levels of difficulty to endure on a journey are so important to getting the most out of the outdoors and for many not holding this information can stop them from going out and exploring altogether. 


Free guidebooks

In the spirit of inspiring adventure Cicerone are supporting the WildTribe community with free guidebooks! If you would like a guide book for an upcoming adventure, check-out their website (link below) and see if they have a guide to help you on your way and then pop us a message to find out the details. Simple as that!

Happy exploring tribe.

Charlotte Durling