Revolution Race - From the mountains to the sea

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In the beginning

Revolution Race was born from an Everest base camp trip a few years ago by co-founder Pernilla. Challenges are encountered around every corner when heading to Everest base camp, tropical rainstorms, severe winds and unstable terrain to mention a few.

You are made well aware of these hardships when planning for Everest base camp, so like any sensible adventurer you would invest in clothing and gear to sustain the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. Pernilla and Niclas have worked in the outdoor gear industry for many years, and felt the price to pay to fill your kit bag for extreme expeditions was becoming unattainable.

So Revolution Race, the technical outdoor gear brand built by authentic adventurers was born!

WildTribe collaboration

The WildTribe community has been interacting with Revolution Race on an outdoors social media project to put their gear to the test on a range of adventures across Europe. Members in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Norway have taken the gear on hiking adventures, surf trips, kayaking expeditions and more. Our team of real-world outdoor content creators have produced some stunning images to date, helping to show the performance of Revolution Race gear in its natural environment.

outdoors social media project, hiking content creation

Gear Feedback

The first aspect our team noticed is the high quality material used in each garment. The material feels solid to the touch, fitting wise the flexible material means the gear is great for not just hiking but more agile sports such as climbing or bouldering and we’ve also had recommendations on the gear as great for skydiving. Our leading Kayaker recommends the Bamboo Skin thermal underwear as perfect for charging cold water rapids.

Outdoors content creator, hiking social media

Durability is essential to us, from a budget and wastage perspective you need clothing that will last through the seasons, and this aspect can be tough to achieve when aiming for such performance and lightweight levels. But we feel Revolution Race are certainly onto something, with water repellent fabrics which kept us dry in the April showers, ventilation zips to help with overheating when lugging our camping gear and we really like the styling of the garments also. Agreed some garments are perhaps too bright and vibrant for some, but they have a huge range of styles to meet all personalities.

Outdoors social media project, hiking content creator

The adventure vibes and good spirits are flowing after a successful month exploring. Authentic and real world adventurers have stepped their way through varying natural habitats to capture great moments. Revolution Race has supported us on these expeditions, with their gear stepping up to the plate on each occasion.