Roving Root’s Bus Life


A conscious effort is always needed to derive a new path, it doesn't just happen, unless you get lucky on the lotto and even then you've at least had to buy a ticket.

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Roman and Aya, took the metaphoric bull by the horns and plotted their route to a life on the road, not in the backpacking or hostel surfing sense. But instead crafted a dream adventure home on wheels from an old school bus. Here is Roman to tell you more.. 

Our names our Roman and Aya, and we are so excited to share our adventures with you. Our journey began 8 months ago when we made the pivotal decision to purchase a 30 foot school bus, and embarked on a quest to convert it into a home.  After 6 months of hard work and innovation, our arduous mission to create a liveable, unique home on wheels was finally achieved. The Roving Roots Bus was born. The bus features common comforts such as sleeping quarters, a restroom with a full bath/shower and vanity area, a kitchen equipped with a stovetop, large washing station and refrigerator, a living/dining area, and plenty of storage. Most importantly though, the bus comes with the opportunity to live fully now; to embrace all of the wonders and adventures of life. 

The mass majority of people always ask us: why would you want to live in a bus? The answer is simple. “A completely predictable future is already the past.” It’s the mysteries in life that make it beautiful. It’s that sense of adventure that allows us to truly live. With each new horizon comes an invitation to make life simple; in alignment with nature and the cosmic laws. It introduces the wonder and excitement of new experiences into your daily existence, allowing you to always focus on the here and now. And it is that thought process that has led us here. The bus brings us this beautiful uncertainty. “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Our passion is showing people that there is another path in life; one that is more natural and vibrant. We invite you to follow us on this crazy adventure, in hopes that you will be inspired to embark on your own.

For some relating to Roman and Aya's sense for more is all too easy, but unlike these guys, many don't roll the dice and jump that fence. The grass really can be greener, perhaps slightly wilder and untamed, sometimes a little cold and uncomfortable, but a small price to pay for a genuine richness of life. We are excited and intrigued to keep up with the Roving Root's Bus Life, and if you are too, then you can check out more of their blog and online shop below. Keep the dream alive tribe.. 

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