Everest Dispatches - Marc Lambert @atlas_diaries


Long time wildtribe member marc lambert is beginning his base camp rotations on the tibetan north face of mt everest, here is his most recent account from bc.


Hi All

So the good news. Our team have all made it to Mount Everest Basecamp, on the North side.  After a long 4 days travel from Nepal, we journeyed through the Himalayas in Tibet and arrived at our initial camp at 5,200m today.  We will spend a week here, before moving to our Advanced Basecamp (ABC) at an altitude of 6,100m. From here will will start our ‘rotation’, climbing up to Everest north col, at 7,100m. These are serious elevations, and so everything is done with acclimatisation in mind. Even here at 5,100m, basic tasks are made hard work by the lack of oxygen. It is cold here at camp, snowing heavily now, but we are well prepared and have all of our high altitude gear with us. We will ferry this up to high camps in the coming weeks. 

All going to plan, we aim to summit Mt Everest (8848m) toward the end of May or maybe even early June. For those who are following this season’s Everest climbs back home, you may have seen that most other climbing teams are already at the high camps, especially those on the South side. We believe that we can manage a late summit this year, and all within a 45 day expedition. This will allow us to save our energy for the summit push, unlike the other teams who are already under severe stress up at the high camps.  I have limited comms, relying on satellite phone and a VPN to help bypass the ‘Great Firewall of China’ which limits most social media and email use. For now I will try and get updates out when I can.

1 week on:

Today is my last day in Basecamp before I head up to advanced camp, and then onto my rotation. Essentially, it gets very real from here onwards.  So as I mentioned, we are planning to be one of the last teams on the mountain this year. Being on the north side allows us to do this with relative confidence, we can summit much later than those on the south side.  Numbers are on our side too, there are only a handful of teams here, compared to the hundreds of climbers on the Nepal side. I expect to lose comms tomorrow for a week, but will be back online following my rotation. 



thanks for checking in with us marc, follow his progress here @atlas_diaries and donate to Marc's fundraising efforts for save the children here