Inspiring Creativity in the Outdoors


Welcome to the team Sam!! In the last few months, we’ve had some excellent applications for our social media specialist role. We’d love to bring on-board more of you, but for the moment we could only select one person. Sam is bringing a whirling collection of adobe creative, drone, videography and photography skills to our in-house team. The ideal blend of tools for any budding social entrepreneur. The excitement is high, and we are stoked to see where this next year is going to take us.

Top tip from Sam: Check out the Social Minds podcast on Spotify each weak for the latest trends in social media

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Inspiring Creativity in the Outdoors

In recent months we wanted to hone in on refreshing the ethos we stand behind as an entity. Previously it was ‘ambassadors of the outdoors’ and although this perfectly describes our dedication for promoting a healthy passion and respect for nature, it didn’t reflect any aspect of our creative values. The kettle was boiled, tea brewed and we cracked on for a few hours of brainstorming, slowly we locked in an ethos to reflect us best.

‘Inspiring Creativity in the Outdoors’ was brought together. Naturally, if you are a member of the WildTribe community you will have a deep connection with the outdoors. But, you and we, like to take our enjoyment to a creative level in the wild. Donning cameras, tripods, filters and drones, we clamber over rocks, up mountainsides and into bone-chilling waters to capture moments of adventurous wonder. This is what set’s us apart, it makes our community unique. As content creators for social media in the outdoor world, we all have a tuned eye for natures beauty, and as a community, we hope to keep inspiring and pushing your creativity in the outdoors.

Outdoors Social Media, Outdoors Content Creation, Adventure Influencers, Social Management Outdoors

Spot Selection

In upcoming blogs we want to discuss ways in which you can enhance your creative experience. Our first discussion is around spot selection. It can be quite a personal choice, but any level of planning will help you to find the locations you want to photograph. Research is the name of the game, order up some travel or hiking guides, and OS maps to get the planning juices flowing. Online research on sites such as 500PX, Unsplash or even #hashtag searches on Instagram can all help to find those killer spots to match your photography style.

But what are your criteria for a killer spot? There can be many aspects to look for, some spots offer a large dynamic range of photographs to capture.  Whereas other spots provide diversity in terms of subjects, such as coastal areas where there are surfers, hikers, kiteboards and then vast ocean shots. Consider the photography you enjoy, the tones you prefer editing (if you like to post-produce), and the values your photographs speak towards. All of these aspects help to create your own personal criteria to select spots on.

Outdoors Social Media, Outdoors Content Creation, Adventure Influencers, Social Management Outdoors

An example spot criteria:

  • Values: Adventure, atmospheric, relatable

  • Location types: Coastal, viewpoints, forests, high-ground

  • Type of shots: Dark/Light, shadow games, reflective surfaces, leading lines, soft tones

  • Subjects: Trail running, hiking, climbing, surfing

Based upon the above criteria, where a spot is perhaps looking to tick 2 or 3 of these boxes we could find the areas that would work best for the type of images we want to shoot. Durdle Door, Portland, Kimmeridge and the New Forest would be great selection points if you are based in Dorset, UK. When the lighting is right and offers the tones you want to shoot, you can then get out the OS Map and head straight to the killer spots in these areas that you want to capture.

Outdoors Social Media, Outdoors Content Creation, Adventure Influencers, Social Management Outdoors

Welcome Sam Photoshoot - Watergate Bay:

As part of bringing Sam into the fold, we wanted to create social content to help introduce him to our community. We were keen to build a collection of outdoor images and videos in a creative way. Our thoughts turned to our gear, we had some GoPro’s, DSLR’s and a Drone. We wanted to keep the shoot local (never discount local spots, just because they are familiar). The cliff-top above Watergate Bay ticked our boxes for an ideal spot. The distant views across the ocean provided a depth of field, the overcast conditions offered interesting lighting and the cliffs gave a dynamic element of height to our footage. We used all of these aspects to our advantage, shooting overhead drone videos, sneaking behind small shrubs to add a foreground blur to images. Furthermore, we wanted to make the best use of the GoPro hyper-lapse feature to create a unique 360 video of Sam standing at the top of a cliff.

All-in-all the shoot brought together a great collection of diversified footage from the one spot. Variety is the spice of life and in photography, it applies all the same. Creating consistent, but diversified footage is a great way to keep your social audiences engaged.

Work with WildTribe

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