Taking On Your First Assignment


Hey WildTribe Friends!

Sami from The Unexpected Type here to lend some essential tips + tricks when signing up for and executing your first assignment. I’ve been a tribe member since July and have loved working with the team to discover new products and help spread the word about them to my audience! Jumping into anything for the first time can be a little daunting, but if you’re a tribe member who has yet to start your first assignment – it’s time to take the leap! These assignments are FUN and continue to help me explore how to capture creative content. 

Working with the team is SO easy. If you have questions, the team is so responsive and eager to help you out. Your success = everyone’s success, so don’t be shy about asking for a helping hand.

These assignments allow you to receive gear in exchange for completing small social assignments. I personally love working this way because I’m passionate about testing out new brands and supporting small businesses who are growing. Of course, it’s always fantastic to be sponsored monetarily, if you are a smaller influencer you can participate and learn more about working with brands for sponsorships! The goods exchange also allows me to be creative instead of focusing on receiving money.

WildTribe uses a tool called Freedcamp to help you track assignments and it’s SO easy. Here’s a quick how-to in case you’re thinking, “HELP! How do I execute an assignment”

Start by scanning the Open Assignment page for a project that best fits your interests, location, and follower count. There’s always a quick note under the title that gives you an idea right off the bat that can read something similar to “Requirements: DSLR Experience | USA/Canada | 1000+ Followers | Outdoor Adventure.” I would know that I can apply since I live in the USA, have 1,000+ followers, and have a focus on outdoor adventure. 

  1. I click on the assignment to read through the requirements and make sure I can do them all, then request to join the assignment.

  2. Within a few days, I’ll receive an update on if I was accepted or not and an invite to join the assignment on Freedcamp.

  3. You don’t need to download anything and can easily log in on your phone or computer to access Freedcamp! When you’re confirmed for an assignment, you pop in to the invite to re-review the criteria on the assignment you applied for and simply click a button that says, “In Progress” to show you’ve read your prompt. 

  4. There’s an easy messaging system that allows you to communicate directly with the WT team in case team you have any questions at all about the assignment and a calendar to keep you on track with your posting! Depending on the assignment, you’re usually given 6 weeks to complete it – which is a really good amount of time. 

  5. After I’m approved, I purchase the product from the retailer’s website or on Amazon and get to work. Creating the content is the fun part!

  6. When I’m all finished with my assignment, I log in and send links to my social post, upload images, and let them know I’ve left a review for the product. Then click the “Completed” button.

  7. That’s IT! Then I work with the team for reimbursement and opt to be paid via PayPal! You just request money from a specific email address and BAM, reimbursement sent. (Side note: they reimburse you pretty much instantly!) 

Executing Content

This is the FUN part. I always get really excited when I get my gear for each assignment in the mail. To be a good partner to these brands, I usually prep by scrolling through their social media and check out what kind of photos or shots they share. I usually have an idea of how I want to shoot a product, but this always helps strike up new ideas or help if I’m stuck. 

One thing I always strive for is authenticity. When shooting, I ask myself, ‘How does this product fit into my life and how can I show others it can easily fit into theirs, too?” It creates a fun challenge for me to create more innovative content.

When it comes to editing, WildTribe encourages you to add your own personal twist to your photos! I try my best to provide a few slightly retouched photos along with others that have been edited with my own personal presets in Lightroom. I’ve used my Portrait mode on my iPhone and Canon DSLR to shoot – both yield great results! One tip is to always resize your images to at least 1080 x 1080px so the brands can use your photos on Instagram without any pixilation issues.

I shoot my videos for Instagram stories through the Instagram app and change it up. I always like to talk through why I love the product (similar to below!) and how to use it in case my audience is curious. I’ve found it makes such a great impact.

All in all, I LOVE working with WildTribe! They are so great with communication and provide help every step of the way. If you haven’t started an assignment yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! If you have any questions, reach out to the team or shoot me a message on Instagram @theunexpectedtype! Until next time! - Sami



As well as being a member of WildTribe Sami runs a creative studio called The Unexpected Type that focuses on creative adventure gear Sami and her fiancé Nathan design, graphic, branding + logo designs, and illustrations for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Its also a blog where she shares her travels and tidbits of her very unexpected life.