As a WildTriber, one of the perks is gear in exchange for completing small social assignments. The process is so straightforward, you could do it with your eyes closed, but just so there is no confusion below is everything you need to know from start to finish. 

We use a tool called Freedcamp to help track assignments.  It's very self-explanatory and you don't need to download anything to use it, but it does make communicating with us whilst working on an assignment much easier.

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1. join an assignment

Once you have had a good browse through our open assignments and found one that you would like to do, you can signup via the form at the bottom of the assignment page. Please read through the assignment brief thoroughly and make sure you meet the assignment criteria. You will receive an email from Freedcamp to confirm that you have been added to the project. 

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2. buy the product

By purchasing the product direct from the brand, it ensures that the delivery process it as quick and easy as possible, and eliminates any issues.

We will send you a purchase link, use this to order the product(s) and let us know if you have any issues.

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3.Complete your tasks

Once your product(s) arrive let us know via Freedcamp and complete the assignment tasks from the brief by taking them out with you on your usual adventures. These could include: 

Photographing the product in action (for use on social)

Sharing an Instagram post of the product

Writing a review of the product

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4. upload your evidence

Upload your evidence of the completed tasks to Freedcamp, these can be screen shots. 

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5. we reimburse you

Well done! You have completed your ambassador assignment and we can reimburse you for the products that you purchased.

now you are up to speed, take a look at our open assignments