who doesn't want some

brand new kit?

We love seeing photographs of off-the-cuff adventures and outdoor pursuits on Instagram, as it turns out plenty of outdoor brands do too.

We work with brands to offer the tribe opportunities to earn products in exchange for completing a social assignment. This can involve creating photographs for social media, posts and product reviews. 


what does it mean to be

part of the tribe?

Have access to gear included in our social assignments. (Once an assignment is completed you will be fully reimbursed for the cost of purchasing the product.)

To raise awareness of the tribe on social media we feature tribe images on our Instagram and on the accounts of brands that we partner with.

We will keep you in the loop with WildTribe news via our Tribal Chatter newsletter.

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the lowdown:

how our assignments work

Our assignments are super straight-forward to complete. But before you take on any social assignments it's best to make sure you are happy with exactly how our assignments work. 

If you haven't found the answers you are looking for, have a little look at our FAQs

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count me in!

Michael henderson profile.png
WildTribe allows adventurers to build a collection of gear through it’s amazing ‘assignments’ feature. The ability to work with companies/brands have allowed me to venture deeper into the world of exploration and I love it! It has been such a pleasure working with the team and brands in creating higher quality images for premium products and I can’t wait to do my next assignment!
— Michael Henderson // @michaelihenderson
Tommy Durso profile.png
I’ve always been a gear head so its awesome getting my hands on new products to take out and test in the wild. Working with Wildtribe has made that possible and has made the experience easier and more rewarding than I ever thought it could be.
— Tommy Durso // @td.adventures
karissa profile.png
If you love photography and the outdoors, then WildTribe assignments are for you. I get to test out new products while doing the outdoor activities I love most. The best part is that I get to keep the product and I’m fully reimbursed for it after completing the assignment criteria. There’s nothing to lose, just new gear to gain!
— Karissa Stokdal // @karissa_likes_hikes
The Wildtribe is a beautiful community. All sorts of outdoor-people, photographers, professionals or enthusiasts meet there, support each other and share their love for doing what they do. It continues to inspire me every day time and time again.
emchal profile.png
The instructions and assignment briefs were easy to follow and there was great communication throughout. After the assignment was completed the reimbursement was processed even quicker than expected!
— Emily Charmers // @emchal
jen.ni.z profile.png
Thank you so much for the amazing assignment! I enjoyed the products and taking pictures so much! Looking forward to more.