about the assignment

The Hidden Collective would like to run an Instagram assignment to raise awareness about their online store which supports small brands producing hand-crafted products. Khordz Mugz is one such brand designed for adventurers looking for a fresh mug for their Joe-on-the-go.  The mug is made with  25 feet of handy Paracord and aims to reduce the amount of harmful plastic that we use (especially coffee cups and lids).

We are looking for earth roamers to help raise awareness for the Hidden Collective, and use the Khordz Mug as an example of a unique product found on their online store.

assignment tasks

  • Take 3 photographs of the product and upload to Freedcamp
  • Share an Instagram post introducing @hiddencollective to your followers and using #hiddencollective
  • Write a review of the maker on Hidden Collective's website


Member requirements

  • Located in North America

  • 500+ Instagram followers


Deadline: 6 weeks from signing up


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