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nCamp are an American based camping brand that produce high quality camping equipment for cooking. They are focused on making camping better by enabling anyone to experience the outdoors, to tread lightly, and to venture far. Its mantra—make it compact, elevate the experience, & reduce weight — compliments its tagline: pack small/adventure BIG! 

nCamp are partnering with the WildTribe community to help increase awareness on social media and create a collection of high quality photos for them to share across their own social channels.

Products Available:
nCamp Espresso-style Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel Water Bottle, and 4 Pack of Coffee Cups (stove not included)

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assignment tasks

  • 1 x Instagram post introducing and talking about your new café, water bottle and cups using #packsmalladventurebig and tagging @ncamp_gear

  • 1 x Instagram story video with your new gear and tagging @ncamp_gear

  • 3 x high-quality product images that they can use across social media

  • 1 x Amazon review for each item purchased

  • 1 x Amazon seller feedback* - instructions below

*Please note: Here is guidance to leave ‘seller’ feedback.

1) Go to ‘Your Orders’ and then click ‘leave seller feedback’

2) Find your order and then select the options to rate your experience

3) Click ‘submit feedback’


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Member requirements

  • Based in the USA or Canada

  • 1500+ Followers

  • Hikers and campers

  • DSLR camera required


Deadline: 6 weeks from signing up

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