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about the assignment

Northcore is a brand producing technical accessories and hardware for the surf, boardriding and adventure sports communities. Their latest product launch see's the release of the inspired SurfStraps, made in collaboration with the Salty Beast team from Australia.

SurfStraps allow you to load-up your trusty saltwater board onto your back in a way that makes coasting to the water on a bike, skating or simply walking on your two legs a breeze. The innovative design angles the fins nicely out of the way of your back wheel, so no worries of snagging your board.

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You can find out more about Northcore here.

assignment tasks

  • Send us 5 product images
  • Write a product review on as a 'verified buyer'
  • Share an authentic Instagram post introducing your new SurfStraps to your followers using #BornFromTheElements and tagging @northcore_surf


Member requirements

  • Based in Europe

  • 500+ Instagram followers

  • DSLR camera or equivalent

  • Surfer


Deadline: 6 weeks from signing up


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