about the assignment

WildTribe are partnering with Revolution Race to optimise their social media and marketing content. Our aim is to produce storytelling content based upon adventure pursuit expeditions. We are looking to work with a collection of photographers to capture images that narrate how people can ‘explore further with Revolution Race’.


If you have an upcoming trip that would suit capturing content for Revolution Race, we would like a proposal from you based upon the deliverables highlighted below.

What type of expedition?

Ideally a multi-faceted trip that includes a collection of pursuits to help show the versatility of Revolution Race gear.


  • Wilderness camping, hiking and climbing expedition

  • Wilderness camping, hiking to paragliding

  • Alpine crossings

  • 4x4, hiking and adventure photography expedition

  • Sea to land trips

If you are planning a trip that involves land, lake, river or air based pursuits then let us know and let’s bring together a proposal on what can be achieved.


  • Photography package including 40+ images

  • 15x video clips

  • 1x professional video edit (if you need support on editing we can help)

  • 5x awareness posts tagging @revolutionrace

  • Diversity of content is preferable (for example drone, still, time-lapse, action)

creative guidance

Storytelling and authenticity is at the heart of what we are trying to convey. Therefore video clips need to be a collection of raw ‘behind the scenes’ footage, alongside well-crafted adventure clips.

We are looking for multi-faceted trips where we can create individual stories within your main trip objective, for example:

Mountaineering trip that could be based upon Hut life on the mountain, avalanche and mountain safety, expert climbing techniques, and then covering your main objective of climbing a peak

Multi-day kayaking or canoe expedition that includes wilderness travel and cooking, navigation and camping as smaller subjects, with a potential overall goal of making a specific Kayak crossing man-powered.

These examples show how we are looking to create content that can come together as a full ‘social campaign’ where we can involve our audience and deliver ‘documentary’ style posts. These keep our audience coming back to tune into the next post and also shows our audience how Revolution Race gear performs on professional expeditions.


Alpine / Sailing

Hiking / Climbing and Hut Life

Revolution race specific


For each small story within your trip we are looking for 3 types of shots:

  • Close-up clothing shots

  • Product shots in context

  • Full context shots where the clothing doesn’t need to be fully visible


Adventure further with Revolution Race

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