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Service 1:

PROFESSIONAL assignments

We help brands to deliver upon their content creation and social awareness objectives by using our large network of professional photographers, videographers and social influencers. These high-level members of our network can support your brand with:

  • Iconic brand stories - imagine your brand connected with a far reaching Arctic expedition or travelling through highland terrain in the Himalayas

  • Professional photography and videography production tailored to deliver content carefully matched with your brand values and ideals

  • We also create social influencer and ambassador teams to share authentic large scale awareness for your brand across multiple interest segments


Service 2:

Social Media Management

WildTribe combines the skills of professional copywriters, graphic designers and social media experts to support a collection of brands with a full-suite of social media management services. Our team can create you a bespoke social media strategy and continue to support with:

  • Social post production and cross-platform delivery

  • Photography / Videography production

  • Social advertisement and post boosting management

  • Ambassador and influencer network building and management

  • Blog and article creation

  • Community engagement projects


Service 3:

Social assignments

If you are looking for a low-cost and simple method for creating social content and awareness our social assignments could be just what you need. The WildTribe network also includes a large collection of highly skilled weekend adventurers. These excellent members are luckily very handy with a camera and great on social media. Our assignments are nice and easy:

  • We understand the location, type of pursuits and content or influencers you would like to connect with

  • Agree on an exchange of products for services (plus WildTribe management fee)

  • Confirm on the tasks you would like complete (usually an awareness post) with the delivery of high quality images and in some cases a product review

  • Then we post your assignment live on the our ‘open assignments’ page here

  • When applications come in, we set-up a task with the members if they meet the application criteria

Once all complete, we deliver your images and awareness posts across with a clean-cut report.

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