Assignment Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions have been drawn up as guidelines to ensure that the brands we create these assignments for are getting good awareness about their products on social media. And to make sure that all of our ambassadors can keep receiving free gear and the recognition that you deserve for your work.

1.0 Acknowledgement
By agreeing to undertake an assignment, you (the ambassador) consent that you understand how our assignments work and understand what is being asked of you when undertaking an ambassador assignment.

2.0 Quality
The ambassador must make an effort to complete the assignment tasks to an agreeable standard. Taking into account the individuals level of skill, equipment and environment available. If it is apparent that the ambassador has not made an attempt to complete the assignment to the expectations within the brief, then WildTribe reserves the right to ask the assignment to be redone to meet requirements.

3.0 Time
Restrictions Assignments must be completed in full before the given deadline. If an ambassador fails to complete the assignment before the deadline then WildTribe reserves the right to withhold payment and terminate the assignment. If an ambassador is having trouble with completing an assignment, they must contact WildTribe at least 48 hours before the deadline to arrange a deadline extension of up to 1 month.

4.0 Image Rights
You (the ambassador) hold the rights to any images you submit as part of an assignment, however the brand (named in the assignment) and WildTribe have a Social Media License to use the images submitted on their social media channels. If the brand wishes to use your images for any other purpose then we will be in contact with you to gain your consent and agree a fee for the image(s).

5.0 Good Communication
By undertaking one of our assignments you agree to maintain a good level of communication via email with WildTribe.

6.0 Brand Reputation
Please refrain from posting or submitting any controversial images or topics that may bring the assignment brand or WildTribe into disrepute.