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about the assignment

Zulupack are an up & coming high quality waterproof bag producer based in France. With a focus on creating robust and durable bags, these new products are ideal for adventurous pursuits. Waterproof, sand proof, mud proof and snow proof, these bags are ready & waiting to be put to the test. The manufacturers behind Zulupack have been creating bags for over 25 yrs, so rest assured, these guys know their stitches.

Products Available: 1 Backpack 25L orange, 1 Antipode grey, Packable backpack grey/turquoise (please note, only 1 of each bag is available, please check in with us to see what has already been assigned).

Below is the inspiration for the type of photos Zulupack are hoping for:

  • Water or land based pursuits

  • Showing the bag in an adventurous location

  • Natural with your environment, authenticity is key

  • Focus on your environment and not the camera

  • Combination of product close-ups, context shots and actions shots

  • Consider the storytelling of your shoot, how can you show the bag being used throughout your day and adventure?

assignment tasks

  • 1 x Instagram story with your new gear and tagging @zulupack_official

  • 3x Instagram post / tag @zulupack_official in the copy of the post and introduce the brand to your audience in the most authentic way possible (describe how it is being used, or performed, where you are with your gear etc)

  • 6 x high-quality product images that they can use across social media


assignment tags


Member requirements

  • Based in Europe

  • 1500+ Followers

  • All water and land based pursuits

  • DSLR camera required


Deadline: 6 weeks from signing up

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